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  1. Design, check structural building
    - Prestressed concrete structure
    - Special structure
    - Precast reinforced concrete structure
    DPE has a strong capability in the field of design and check structures with prestressed concrete, precast reinforced concrete. With the current urbanization process in Vietnam, there is a dire need for housing and urban infrastructure. The technical and economical superiority of prestressed concrete and precast reinforced concrete structures makes them become more and more popular.

  2. Design, check construction solutions for buildings
    - Basement construction solution
    - Large-volume concrete construction solution
    DPE is experienced in the field of the design and check basement construction solution. The need for constructing basements in buildings and underground space in the urban area is increasing. Effective design and construction solution holds an important role, determines the success of the project.

  3. Research and transfer innovative materials and structural technologies
    Research and transfer technology for concrete material: High-strength concrete (HSC, UHPC), specialized concrete: corrosive-resistance (chemical, oceanic... environment), heat-resistance concrete,...

  4. Supervise the construction of special structures
    For special structures, the design only becomes feasible, reliable with a suitable construction solution and is under close supervision.

  5. In-depth training service for materials and structural buildings
    The increasing scale & the variety of the structures, together with the development of technology, the continuous and in-depth training for engineers is crucial thus improve the quality of the structures, bring reputation to the Company.